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climber / альпинист, карьерист, вьющееся растение
имя существительное
climber, mountaineer, alpinist, iceman, cragsman, backpacker
careerist, climber, social climber, placeman, arriviste, place-hunter
вьющееся растение
climber, clambering plant, winder, twiner, clamberer
имя существительное
a person or animal that climbs.
leopards are great tree climbers
Incidentally, if you are planting a climber against a wall, position it at least 15 inches away from the wall.
That encounter stands as my enlightenment as a ski mountaineer - that day I became as much a glisse alpinist as a climber .
It moves everywhere at speed, is a fantastic climber and regularly appeared among the animal characters in many Walt Disney's early cartoon films.
A popular shrub rose that can be trained as a climber is Constance Spry with huge clusters of pale pink blooms.
Hailing from Kaliapuram of Pollachi, the tree climber managed his family with the little he earned out of it.
Having been a tree climber and monkey-bar enthusiast in elementary school and having done a little gymnastics in junior high, I thought it sounded like fun.
The prince was an adept climber , having scaled the bluffs and trees of his kingdom since he could walk, and reached the entrance to the cave unscathed.
a rock climber
I realized that I would never be the most gifted climber or the strongest climber or the boldest climber .
But his stock rose rapidly as he remained in yellow for a remarkable 11 days, even matching some of the world's best climbers in the mountains.