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climb / подъем, восхождение, набор высоты
имя существительное
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, up
climbing, ascent, ascension, climb, mount
набор высоты
climb, scale, mount, get up, swarm up, get on
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, up
climb, mount, clamber
имя существительное
an ascent, especially of a mountain or hill, by climbing.
the rigorous climb up the mountain
go or come up (a slope, incline, or staircase), especially by using the feet and sometimes the hands; ascend.
we began to climb the hill
move with effort, especially into or out of a confined space; clamber.
Howard started to climb out of the front seat
The take-off is flawless; a steep climb has the aircraft high by strip's end to avoid the possibility of ground-fire.
rate of climb
We'll also see the value of the dollar climb in foreign markets.
It is capable of climb rates up to 10,000 feet per minute and can fly as high as 50,000 feet.
It seemed to be a good climb to get used to the type of rock and crack climbing.
The servants and live-in farm workers were not allowed to use the stairs but had to climb a ladder to get to their sleeping quarters.
the rigorous climb up the mountain
Most in higher education would describe it as a slow but steady climb through the ranks.
After a few seconds - which seemed like hours - the aircraft started a shallow climb .
The analog rate of climb/sink bar is just a less damped version of the digital rate of climb value.