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climax / кульминация, разгар, высшая точка
имя существительное
climax, culmination, acme, superlative
heat, climax, thick, depth
высшая точка
climax, peak, acme, high, apex, superlative
кульминационный пункт
climax, culmination, pinnacle, peak, acme
increase, increment, accretion, swell, climax
имя существительное
the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex.
the climax of her speech
culminate in an exciting or impressive event; reach a climax.
the day climaxed with a gala concert
It was a cracking climax to an intense week of future fashion.
Eventually, hardwood trees invade and replace the pines, forming the hardwood climax community.
The climax forces the audience to challenge their previous judgments and provides a short sharp twist in this story that captures the imagination.
Ejaculation is normally the climax in a male orgasm.
And the mother-of-one has been asked to open a garden party which will climax the reunion event on Saturday, July 10.
Only after four or five minutes does the music become loud, and then there is an intense climax , followed by a return to quiet strings, woodwinds and muted brass.
Beginning almost teasingly, it builds to a thrillingly intense climax , Cave screaming that he's not afraid to die.
On this note, this year's Arab summit ritual reached its climax .
she was nearing the climax of her speech
Established climax pecan forests became the first commercial pecan production groves in the mid-1800s.