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climatology / климатология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the scientific study of climate.
The manuscripts provide a written testimony to the skill of African scientists, in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, medicine and climatology in the Middle Ages.
Because the deniers are so out of tune with this overwhelming scientific consensus, they have been forced to turn on climatology itself.
What impact has this glut of information had on the practice of the two disciplines of meteorology and climatology ?
During the late 1970s researchers again observed dramatic changes in sea-surface temperature, ocean circulation, and climatology .
First, we look at the mean climatology (i.e. are the large scale features of the climate reasonably modelled?
The next ice age could be up to 1,000 years or more away - a short period in climatology but a comfortingly lengthy one for us.
We can study pollution, deforestation, agriculture, climatology , global warming, species migration, and other aspects of man's interaction with the planet.
the role of clouds is one of the big conundrums of climatology
The described field experiment does support the feasibility of using the STAR scheme to derive a frame of reference for solar UV climatology .
Amongst the group were experts in environmental management, ecology, geology, palaeontology, climatology and economics.
Backcasting has historically been used in the fields of ecology and climatology to monitor population trends and climate patterns.