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climate / климат, атмосфера, состояние общественного мнения
имя существительное
climate, clime, sky, skies
atmosphere, ambience, air, ambiance, climate, aura
состояние общественного мнения
climate of opinion, climate
имя существительное
the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
our cold, wet climate
Droughts are not abnormal phenomena; they are a normal component of contemporary climates in many regions of the world.
New urban centers tend to be located in regions with moderate climates - ie on the land more suitable for crops.
The present outbreak of fires, as those before them, coincided with climatically dry periods in central Sumatra.
Consistently high temperatures, with no distinct dry season, characterize the climate of this region.
In the current political climate , it is hard to imagine this changing any time soon.
Because chili peppers thrive in very warm, hot climates , equatorial regions seem to have the heaviest concentration of pungent cuisine.
The exact dates required to generate these hours can be charted for your climate area.
The agency wants to hear from outsiders about how the migration of retirees to regions with warmer climates might cause ecological pressure.
‘Isotonic and high-energy drinks will help people rehydrate in hot climates ,’ the spokesman said.
he had grown up in a hot climate