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climacteric / климактерический, критический, опасный
имя прилагательное
climacteric, menopausal
critical, crucial, critic, pointed, climacteric
dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, perilous, risky, climacteric
имя существительное
климактерический период
menopause, climacteric
climacteric, change, change of life
имя существительное
a critical period or event.
the first major climacteric in twentieth-century poetry
имя прилагательное
having extreme and far-reaching implications or results; critical.
Britain must possess so climacteric a weapon in order to deter an atomically armed enemy
The fact that such a climacteric event of our history is not being taught is disconcerting.
In females about 50 years old, various symptoms of climacteric disorders may appear with the decline of ovarian function.
Thus it appears that some aspects of ethylene-dependent gene expression are conserved between climacteric fruits such as melon and tomato.
The majority of this work, however, has been conducted on climacteric species.
Given these emphases on significant dates, it may not be coincidental that the Ara Pacis was begun during the year in which Augustus reached the climacteric age of fifty.
The released film now opens with the final scenes of Eddie's ejection from his government job for reasons which will not become apparent until the climacteric of Three Dollars.
In the end, this subplot becomes a mere plot device when the out-of-control avenging husband bails up O'Reilly at the climacteric .
At the climacteric , various symptoms such as forgetfulness, hot flush, depressive neurosis, abnormal sensation, and sleeplessness are often observed, due to hypofunction of the ovaries.
By contrast, Dickens's second protagonist, Oliver Twist, experiences what seems set to be his climacteric in an intensely fraught boyhood.
It is thought that the increase in ethylene responsiveness during petal development culminates in the ethylene climacteric .