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cliffhanger / захватывающий фильм, сенсационный роман, увлекательный рассказ
имя существительное
захватывающий фильм
сенсационный роман
увлекательный рассказ
exciting story, cliffhanger
имя существительное
an ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense.
Of course, in keeping with the name of the program, each episode of each serial ended with a cliffhanger .
This is probably nowhere more true than in ‘Venom,’ the season-ending two-part episode that sets up a cliffhanger for the beginning of season two.
Ok, you were probably expecting this chapter to take place right after the first one and for the little cliffhanger ending of the first chapter to be resolved.
He agreed the threat of a dramatic cliffhanger vote on a flagship policy was ‘not a good situation’ for a government with a Commons majority of 161.
Chen achieved re-election by just 30,000 votes, beating Nationalist party leader Lien Chan, after a cliffhanger campaign.
New York made it to the National League Championship Series as a Wild Card team last October, losing a cliffhanger series to the Atlanta Braves.
Every week they would perform a half-hour show in a pub, each ending in a cliffhanger designed to persuade the audience to return the next week.
the game was a cliffhanger right up to the final buzzer
All the comedy, tatty eccentricity and devil-may-care cynicism are utterly gone - and of course the ambiguous cliffhanger ending is unthinkable.
Complications arise during the surgery, but a cliffhanger ending leads the audience to wonder if Dr. Brown has managed a second miracle.
Be warned though, if you get into it, the cliffhanger ending is going to drive you nuts.