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cliff / утес, крутой обрыв, отвесная скала
имя существительное
cliff, rock, bluff, crag, needle, scar
крутой обрыв
отвесная скала
имя существительное
a steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.
a path along the top of rugged cliffs
We get ochres on the island, the white ochre is collected from the cliff edge of the beach.
They walked up a hill which seemed to go up forever and found themselves on the edge of a cliff .
he fell down a cliff
the cliff face
The site is perched on the edge of a small cliff looking out over a rocky outcrop, the sea and a secluded cove.
She stood up quickly, without really knowing why, and walked towards the edge of the cliff .
He even moved closer to the set, like a lemming drawn to the edge of a cliff .
He saw every side and shade and angle of the training business and to him it seemed like the view from a cliff 's edge.
He learned that conditions were treacherous and it was unsafe to go to the cliff edge.
The other day, walking below on the edge of the cliff , we saw a rock wallaby at the side.