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clientele / клиентура, постоянные посетители, постоянные покупатели
имя существительное
clientele, custom, patronage, clientage, connection, connexion
постоянные посетители
clientele, patronage
постоянные покупатели
clientele, patronage
имя существительное
clients collectively.
an upscale clientele
Pierson is unapologetic that Winter Harvest tends to serve a more upscale clientele .
He jumped in feet first and booked all the top names, drawing in a regular clientele which formed queues a mile long along Leigh Road.
She offered him a premier position with an assistant, regular hours and a wealthy clientele .
The clientele is the cream of Indonesia's political and business elite, who place a premium on privacy.
He argued that such decisions should be left to business owners and their clientele .
The Falcon is a traditional pub with a regular middle-aged clientele and a maximum capacity of 100.
Time, ostensibly an upscale eatery, seems to be pretty positive about clientele dancing off their dinners.
She also oversees a small, select barn of clientele in her training stable.
She received all her clients via the phone and had a regular clientele .
the solicitor's clientele