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clicker / зазывала, заготовщик, метранпаж
имя существительное
shill, clicker, barker, booster, spieler
имя существительное
a device that clicks.
Are the clickers very poor signal transmission devices with an extremely high error rate?
So you aren't going to use a clicker to change channels.
Meanwhile, in an end run, our guest had commandeered the clicker .
In relationships, arguments about the garage clicker can be about so much more.
To set the clicker in the correct position, no more than half the length of the arrow point must be left under the clicker at full draw.
I had the ability to clip my clicker blade with the top vane much easier than with regular Spin Wings.
Whoever controlled the clicker controlled access to those secrets, whether the person was two or fifty-two.
Lisa kissed Samuel goodbye and headed towards her car, unlocking it with the clicker .
And I have to tell you the woman who was working the clicker did a beautiful job.
She quickly practices again how she will hold her props and the slide clicker .
Sherri shrugged, picked up the clicker and flicked it off as the animated Mount'n Man was trying to out-run a swarm of angry cartoon bees.