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clerk / клерк, чиновник, секретарь
имя существительное
clerk, scribe, writer, pen-driver
official, officer, clerk, functionary, placeman, officiary
secretary, clerk, scorekeeper, scribe, actuary, banian
быть чиновником
служить чиновником
имя существительное
a person employed in an office or bank to keep records and accounts and to undertake other routine administrative duties.
a bank clerk
a receptionist in a hotel.
The desk clerk at the hotel lied to the representative and claimed there were no picketers, but the customer service representative could hear the bullhorns over the phone.
a member of the clergy.
He had been due to appear before a diocesan Consistory Court on 21 charges of conduct unbecoming a clerk in holy orders and one of serious, persistent or continuous neglect of duty.
work as a clerk.
eleven of those who left college this year are clerking in auction houses
He presented the photo-card and a partially-completed withdrawal slip for £4,800 to a bank clerk , who became suspicious.
She was also clerk of Little Ouseburn parish council for 27 years.
People often must have several O-levels (equivalent to one or two years of American college) to be hired as a clerk in a store.
The shop clerk , however, was unable to sleep at all.
An older woman in Florida asked the clerk in her gun shop to show her how to lock open the Kahr P9 she bought there.
a clerk in an ice-cream store
He is also a singing teacher at Manchester Grammar School and a lay clerk at Manchester Cathedral.
a chapter clerk
What could distinguish one store clerk from another, or even a bank clerk ?
Now a lay clerk in Worcester Cathedral, he also conducts and tours his own chamber choir.