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clerical / клерикальный, канцелярский, духовный
имя прилагательное
clerical, cleric
clerical, cleric, clericalist, red-tape
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, clerical
имя существительное
clerical, clericalist
имя прилагательное
(of a job or person) concerned with or relating to work in an office, especially routine documentation and administrative tasks.
temps are always needed for clerical work
of or relating to the clergy.
he was still attired in his clerical outfit
His wife Caroline has worked as a clerical assistant just across the road at the town hall for the same time.
As many have observed, clerical and especially episcopal accountability is a complex matter.
Society is too different, the needs of the church have changed, and the regime of clerical prestige is gone.
clerical celibacy
But when her health deteriorated, the clerical duties fell on him and he found himself struggling to cope.
It is not difficult to see why Gregory and his supporters denounced both lay proprietorship and clerical marriage.
clerical officer
clerical garb
In Wales, administrative and clerical support is provided by the National Assembly.
clerical error