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cleric / духовное лицо, церковник
имя существительное
духовное лицо
cleric, ecclesiastic, clerk, divine, confessor
churchman, cleric
имя прилагательное
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, cleric
clerical, cleric
clerical, cleric, clericalist, red-tape
имя существительное
a priest or religious leader, especially a Christian or Muslim one.
Based on what you just got through saying, the senior Muslim Shiite clerics have no use for this guy.
He was a formidable athlete as well as a notable Westmorland cleric .
A leading Somali cleric , however, said such violence was the result of what he called oppression.
He was caught in Aberystwyth, west Wales, in September after a suspicious local cleric reported him to police.
I had expected something of the ghost in the machine philosopher rather than a sober minded cleric .
He's one of only five living Grand Ayatollahs and is Iraq's most senior Shiite cleric .
It has a warrant for his arrest in connection with the murder of another cleric .
Now, the bomb exploded as mourners attended the funeral of a pro - government cleric .
What happens if there's another radical cleric who comes forward and mobilizes these people?
A Muslim cleric and additional copies of the Koran are coming in soon.
Listening to this elderly cleric , rambling on about the woes of the world, he can scarcely believe his luck.