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clemency / милосердие, снисходительность, мягкость
имя существительное
mercy, charity, grace, clemency, graciousness, mercifulness
condescension, indulgence, leniency, forbearance, lenience, clemency
softness, gentleness, mildness, leniency, meekness, clemency
имя существительное
mercy; lenience.
an appeal for clemency
I have it in my hand right now from the governor's office, as to why clemency was denied.
He is trying to raise public awareness about her plight in order to win some state-sanctioned clemency , but it might be too late.
He would, however, have the right to grant clemency to prisoners on federal death row, which currently houses 29 men.
His bid for clemency failed despite frantic lobbying by his supporters.
an appeal for clemency
Her supporters have lodged a petition of mercy and are hoping the government will use its royal prerogative to grant clemency and release her.
Nine years later, after having had countless appeals and pleas for clemency rejected, Bleach, 52, is returning home.
His record indicates, for instance, that he did not see his role as one of mercy, the traditional reason for clemency .
They were granted an order of clemency by the king.
It's a proud tradition, as you know, of executive clemency that began with President Harry Truman.