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cleg / овод, слепень
имя существительное
gadfly, botfly, breeze, cleg
horsefly, gadfly, breeze, cleg
He reminded his frantically puffing audience that smoking was a well-known antidote to the predations of the great horse fly, or cleg .
It is, of course, the midges and the clegs who present the major problem to the Scottish naturist.
But most of the walk was a weary exercise in plodding along the old military road, warily eyeing up the murky clouds while midges attacked me and clegs took chunks out of my legs.
The heat was great, and the clegs and other flying torments were having a grand time at our expense.
On Sunday I was bitten three times by clegs .
The clegs were in good form tonight, and they were proving annoying so I sprayed on Skin So Soft.
Usually they are called clegs , horse-flies or gad-flies, without referring to one specific species.