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cleavage / расщепление, раскол, спайность
имя существительное
split, splitting, cleavage, fission, disintegration
split, schism, cleavage, break, secession, disruption
cleavage, rift
имя существительное
a sharp division; a split.
a system dominated by the class cleavage
Discoveries expanded from good mineral specimens to include true gem material, transparent crystals, and cleavage fragments of fine red color.
She wears glittery low-cut tops and doesn't mind showing off her ample cleavage .
These inclusions were found within the cleavage planes of the crystal structure of the biotites.
A sharp cleavage between secular and religious models of society emerged.
This cleavage is roughly parallel to the axial plane of the folds described previously and has a reverse-fan disposition.
Since the 1950s music has developed into one of the most important means of social distinction, symbolizing the cleavage between young people and adults.
Diamonds have cleavage planes in four directions, making them highly susceptible to shattering when struck by a hard blow.
She leaned over the counter, pushing her breasts together to form a cleavage line on her chest.
Fold limbs are upward facing with respect to cleavage , and beds intruded by the studied granitoid rocks are not overturned.
The political forces that favoured modernization were themselves divided by the old cleavage of religion.