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cleat / планка, зажим, клемма
имя существительное
bar, strap, strip, plank, lath, cleat
clamp, clip, jaw, grip, clasp, cleat
terminal, cleat
имя существительное
a T-shaped piece of metal or wood, especially on a boat or ship, to which ropes are attached.
The new facility would come complete with mooring cleats for tying boats, which provides proper access to solid ground and more security for the boats.
One of the most-convenient aspects of the SPD-R design is that cleat adjustments can be done while the shoe is still clipped in (but obviously not while riding).
Another feature of the cleat retains one of the best features of SPD-R cleats, namely walkability.
To compensate for the loss of grip with the neoprene decking, most snowshoes also have a metal cleat for grip under the ball of the foot.
If I squinted my eyes tight enough, I could also see the cleat near the stern where I used to attach the painter from the punt.
She tied it off securely to a cleat on the starboard corner of the transom.
The anchor cleat was also ripped from the boat, so I am very lucky I did not lose my anchor completely.
If you are using toe clips, look for shoes that accept the old-style slotted cleat , which will help you pedal with 360 degrees of power.
The only holds offered were the handrail on the coachroof and the small cleat amidships.
Cathlyn tied her cleat laces a little tighter and then stood up.
It was simply fastened to a cleat on the gunwale, with no provision for reeling it back in.