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clearing / очистка, клиринг, расчистка
имя существительное
cleaning, purification, clearing, clearance, refining, scouring
clearing, clearance
clearing, clarification
glade, clearing, meadow, clearing in the woods
имя существительное
an open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation.
Forest openings and clearings and agricultural areas are also good habitat for the Western Bluebird.
become clear, in particular.
make (something) clear, in particular.
They were at the scene for 90 minutes, helping to free the victims and clear the road.
remove (an obstruction or unwanted item) from somewhere.
snow was cleared from the storm drains
get past or over (something) safely or without touching it.
the plane rose high enough to clear the trees
show or declare (someone) officially to be innocent.
the commission had cleared the weightlifter of cheating
I was wandering one day, and I just happened upon that little clearing .
Now the underbrush was thickening, and suddenly I entered a small clearing surrounded by thick pine trees.
The large clearing was surrounding by the woods, creating a horseshoe shape.
They entered a small clearing surrounded by oak trees.
At the end of at least twenty minutes of walking, we approach a clearing .
Coming to a clearing 's edge, they caught sight of the poacher in the distance.
The large clearing in the forest was almost right out of a fairy tale.
They approached the clearing in the woods - each of them staring in awe.
I left the little clearing , walking mechanically back to the hostel.
They were in a clearing in the middle of a seemingly endless forest.