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clearheaded / здравомыслящий, трезвомыслящий, с ясным умом
имя прилагательное
sane, sensible, sober, clear-headed, judicious, sagacious
sober-headed, clear-headed
с ясным умом
имя прилагательное
alert and thinking logically and coherently.
After I began practicing I felt real energy in my body and I could use all my functions clearheadedly .
If you're tired or otherwise less than fully aware of your surroundings and potentially unable to react quickly and clearheadedly to events, a cab can help get you home fast and in one piece.
It requires one's getting out of oneself, seeing oneself clearheadedly as just another thing in the world, treating one's own emotions as dispassionately as a problem in geometry.
We consult and clearheadedly decide to backtrack south, hoping to outrun the storm if it hits.
They do so with the self-confidence of women who are used to being the object of desire and who can clearheadedly separate strategy from feelings.