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clearance / зазор, клиренс, разрешение
имя существительное
gap, clearance, backlash, play, air gap, slack
clearance, road clearance
resolution, permission, permit, authorization, solution, clearance
имя существительное
the action or process of removing or getting rid of something or of something's dispersing.
cleaning of the machine should include clearance of blockages
official authorization for something to proceed or take place.
getting diplomatic clearance to fly into or over a country is not always easy
clear space allowed for a thing to move past or under another.
always give cyclists plenty of clearance
The navy clearance diving team will be home in late May.
This clearance was mediated by both active and passive transport processes.
Those 14 record entries are the most in history by a woman and included the first ever clearance of 6 feet.
Diving here requires clearance from the Ministry of Defence.
Then they returned the compliment by charging down a goal line clearance to reduce the deficit to 31-21.
The striker's flick was instinctive and accurate enough to demand a goal-line clearance .
For more than 11 days the six banks were excluded from the daily inter-bank clearance of cheques.
cleaning of the machine should include clearance of blockages
slum clearance accelerated during the 1960s
The other available demining strategies include clearance , destruction of stockpiles and the universalisation of the concept of the convention.