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cleanly / чисто, целомудренно
purely, cleanly, fair
имя прилагательное
neat, cleanly
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) habitually clean and careful to avoid dirt.
in a way that produces no dirt, noxious gases, or other pollutants.
the engine burns very cleanly
without difficulty or impediment; smoothly and efficiently.
he vaulted cleanly through the open window
He'll support use of coal - the most abundant fuel in America - by promoting efforts to burn it more cleanly .
However, when the chordal melody is doubled in both hands, the left-hand part can be difficult to navigate cleanly .
Only the distance of history lets us believe that such events are ever carried out cleanly and efficiently.
It burns very, very cleanly in the engine, so it improves emissions in the overall environment a lot.
I tried out the chocolate cake recipe, which produced a pleasant, rather sweet cake, which cut cleanly and was still good to eat a couple of days later.
The additive makes petrol burn more cleanly , so air pollution is reduced.
Cut it as cleanly and as close to square as possible.
I guess the Oxford English Dictionary cuts it more cleanly with a black and white approach.
The War Memorial is cleanly maintained with cut lawns and seats in the surrounding small park.
The chemical industry is under pressure to reduce its impact on the environment and to run its operations as cleanly and efficiently as possible.