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clean-up / уборка, чистка, очищение
имя существительное
cleaning, harvesting, clean, cleanup, sweeping, mopping
cleaning, clean, purge, cleanup, scrubbing, sweep
purification, purifying, clarification, refinement, purgation, purge
имя существительное
an act of making a place clean or tidy.
an environmental cleanup
the fourth position in a team's batting order, typically reserved for a power hitter likely to clear the bases by enabling any runners to score.
L.A.'s cleanup hitter smacked a fastball over the left-field fence
He said five years ago he promised to campaign for the clean-up of Killarney's lake shores and the removal of overgrowth which obstructs scenic views.
The Government announced the major clean-up campaign last year, partly in a bid to reduce the rising rates of patients who acquire infections from their stay in hospital.
The clean-up operation involved searching the buildings and targeting criminals operating from the buildings.
The taxpayer will have to foot the clean-up bill, which could top €30 million.
Put on your shorts, tee and sneakers, and do a quick clean-up from the party.
In the community, he hopes to initiate a major spring clean-up in his ward.
Political considerations, apparently, have delayed a clean-up of the most serious twin crimes of any bureaucracy - inefficiency and corruption.
The river clean-up continues this week with the felling of trees along the bank.
a clean-up of the more open violence had begun
Co-ordinated oil pollution clean-up operations continued throughout yesterday and were set to continue today and in the days ahead.