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clean-shaven / бритый, чисто выбритый
имя прилагательное
smooth-faced, clean-shaven, shaveling
чисто выбритый
имя прилагательное
(of a man) without a beard or mustache.
He was not clean-shaven , but in fact was sporting hints of a beard.
He was clean-shaven , in his early 30s and wearing a dark blue t-shirt.
Some interpretations of Islamic law require that men wear beards rather than being clean-shaven .
In those days, Bryan kept himself well dressed and was always a clean-shaven fellow.
The man told police he saw a clean-shaven man who was aged about 30 and 5ft 9in tall with short fair hair.
He was clean-shaven and also wearing a blue shirt.
A tall, clean-shaven guy in a wool sweater takes the bottle from me.
He was clean-shaven with a fresh complexion and was wearing a light-coloured flat cap with a long dark, nylon or cotton raincoat.
He was shorter than the last one, but he was clean-shaven , and his head was bald.
He was clean-shaven with cropped, brown hair and wore a loose-fitting pink and white hooped cardigan with dark trousers.
His hair was fixed nicely and he was now clean-shaven and he smelled quite good.