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clean-cut / резко очерченный, ясный, определенный
имя прилагательное
резко очерченный
clear, bright, lucid, plain, fine, clean-cut
certain, definite, specific, determined, given, clean-cut
имя прилагательное
sharply outlined.
the normally clean-cut edge between sea and land has become blurred
With clean-cut designs and natural and fluent lines, the collection aims to present elegance while incorporating the most up-to-date fashion ideas.
Those that do usually have lots of pictures, are updated everyday, and have simple, clean-cut writing.
If you appeared to be a clean-cut youngster, or your parent gave permission, buying a gun was not a big deal.
He said that he didn't match his image of a deranged maniac - he was very clean-cut .
It's the same dry, clean-cut , bright, energetic world that drew Stravinsky to a later Italian composer, Pergolesi, in Pulcinella.
This guy had a plan, a very clear, clean-cut plan.
A clean-cut chilled gazpacho made an exhilarating appetiser, its sharp tomato edge juxtaposed with a mellow, voluptuous quenelle of crab and avocado.
As far as I'm concerned, this is a simple, clean-cut civil rights issue.
A clean-cut chap staggers along the stadium floor in step.
The guys were clean-cut and dashing, the girls were curly-haired and red-lipped.