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claw / коготь, клешня, лапа
имя существительное
claw, nail, talon, pounce, unguis
claw, chela, nipper
paw, foot, claw, pad, grip, dovetail
tooth, prong, claw, barb, notch, cog
tooth, claw, fang, prong, dent, knife
seize, suffice, snatch, last, claw, pluck at
scratch, scrabble, scrape, claw, clapperclaw, crab
рвать когтями
claw, clapperclaw
maneuver, tack, beat, ply, board, claw
имя существительное
a curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot in birds, lizards, and some mammals.
Stalls sold everything from dried lizards and birds' claws to spanners, nails and toothpaste.
(of an animal or person) scratch or tear something with the claws or the fingernails.
the kitten was clawing at Lowell's trouser leg
(of a sailing ship) beat to windward.
the ability to claw off a lee shore
The male fiddler crab bangs territorial warnings into the sand with its oversized claw .
He extended a hooked claw and jimmied the window open.
Male fiddler crabs have one claw much larger than the other, which they use to signal to each other.
The fiery broth is overflowing with tender calamari, a crab claw , shrimp, chunks of fish and one impeccable scallop.
A bird's claw was gripping the end of the hilt.
she was determined to claw her way out of poverty and find fame
This he replaced with a mechanical claw plated with a non-tarnishing gold alloy.
He was also presented with a special ceremonial stick with a real eagle's claw attached.
She reached up to claw out his eyes, and he caught her other wrist.
It was a pitiful thing to find fortunate, but at that point she would grab and claw at anything that could possibly brighten the atmosphere.