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clavicle / ключица
имя существительное
collarbone, clavicle
When all support is disrupted or detached, the distal clavicle loses all ligamentous connection, allowing it to rise superiorly.
The clavicle and scapula together form the shoulder girdle.
During surgery, we observed partial or complete detachment of the trapezoid and deltoid muscles from the lateral clavicle in all patients.
Despite the high physical demands they placed on their shoulders, 18 of the 21 patients did not have evident loss of clavicular reduction.
The shoulder girdle is formed by the scapulae (shoulder blades) and clavicles (collar bones).
In 100 cases, the dorsal scapular artery arose from the following clavicular regions.
No distal clavicular resections or subacromial decompressions were performed during the same procedure.
Electrocardiograph conductors are adherent to both clavicular regions and to the left lateral chest wall.
There is nothing you can do to alter your clavicles or hip bones, so you need to focus on widening your delts and upper lats.
Supernumerary clavicular muscles are numerous but uncommon.