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clause / пункт, оговорка, предложение
имя существительное
paragraph, item, point, clause, station, article
reservation, clause, proviso, qualification, slip of the tongue, reserve
offer, sentence, proposal, supply, suggestion, clause
имя существительное
a unit of grammatical organization next below the sentence in rank and in traditional grammar said to consist of a subject and predicate.
In each sentence above, two clauses are linked by clause-chaining without conjunctions.
a particular and separate article, stipulation, or proviso in a treaty, bill, or contract.
Contracts often have choice-of-law clauses , specifying the law to be applied.
Each experimental group was given instruction on the formation of only one type of relative clause .
A grounded clause corresponds to the traditional category of finite clause .
they inserted a confidentiality clause in the contract
In particular, make sure it is for a fixed term and that there is a break clause to terminate it.
I should have known as soon as they used a clause in a sentence it was a bad idea.
conditional clause
Under a provision referred to as clause 24 of the contract there was a time limit.
exclusion clause
The rent review clause predicated the existence of an open market for the property.
It will remove the clause for all new policies from January.