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classy / шикарный, классный, отличный
имя прилагательное
chic, posh, plush, swanky, classy, snazzy
class, classy, super, topnotch, crackerjack, crackajack
great, excellent, cool, splendid, classy, super
имя прилагательное
stylish and sophisticated.
the hotel is classy but relaxed
If you had saved up for a special dinner in classy country house ambience, you'd have been disappointed.
We've all had pears poached in red wine: this version is a bit more complicated, but very classy .
During his playing days Jim would always be remembered as a classy , skilful, intelligent player.
It is an extremely well made movie, and a smart, classy bit of social comment.
Well, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise that this was the brand name for a rather classy watch.
If you work at the high stakes tables you get a classy vest and a starched white collar.
It is quietly confident, classy and brave, traits that it certainly shares with its director.
Thankfully she soon settles down to deliver the sort of classy songs that made her Britain's best soul star.
We should never forget that it is possible to be graceful, even classy , under the most intense pressure.
In less classy places, there may be a room full of mats, sometimes separated by curtains, sometimes not.