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classmate / одноклассник, соученик, школьный товарищ
имя существительное
classmate, classfellow, schoolfellow
classmate, condisciple
школьный товарищ
schoolmate, schoolfellow, classmate, classfellow
имя существительное
a fellow member of a class at school or college.
As a college student, he was always willing to help fellow classmates get through their exams.
One of the men she met was a former high school classmate who left school early.
You were a shy man, and only met my mother, a college classmate , when you tried to sell her a slide-rule.
During the rest of the class time they sat next to each other watching their fellow classmate 's scenes.
she was a classmate of mine
Since there are so few of them, they tend to know their brethren on other teams as they would a college classmate .
I was invited to a house party by a female Canadian classmate .
Notably, parental monitoring and classmate support reduced runaway risk and friend relationship increased it.
Two of my son's classmates lost their parents.
The custom ranges from puppy love cards given to kindergarten classmates to diamond earrings presented by husbands to their wives.
When they looked up from their guitars, they saw the smiling, admiring faces of their grade seven classmates .