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classify / классифицировать, засекретить
classify, categorize, sort, class, rank, pigeonhole
arrange (a group of people or things) in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics.
mountain peaks are classified according to their shape
There are exceptions to protect the privacy of individuals, but the state's power to classify documents as national-security secrets is strictly limited.
We have learned to our dismay how quick government officials are to classify information, even when it is already in the public domain.
Techniques have been developed to automatically classify documents with respect to their topic.
And if allowed, they will classify the documents for 100 years.
One source of amusement was the fact that virtually anyone could classify a document, while a high-level review was required to declassify it.
For instance, the search engine's ability to classify information through the use of meta-tags written by a programmer can distance the user from his or her original course.
Only the president, the premier or cabinet members acting as proxy for either of them can classify a document as ‘top secret.’
The Regatta is classified as a category C event.
As a result people coming from countries on the list cannot be classified as asylum seekers because, by definition, none of its citizens can be considered under threat.
Many of the records are classified top secret, with much of the information withheld from release due to its perceived sensitivity.