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classifier / классификатор
имя существительное
a person or thing that classifies something.
It makes decisions through its employed classifiers who decide what classification an artistic work should receive before being released to the wider public.
The fundamental algorithm associated with these taxonomic logics is a classifier which inputs a system of definitions and outputs the entailment relations between defined and primitive concepts.
Then the experiment introduced another possible classifier : coalition membership.
In this high-dimensional feature space, a linear classifier, or nonlinear kernel classifier , is constructed, and the model is used to discriminate samples belonging to two different groups.
A look at a non-western language such as Dyirbal reveals a four-way classification, so that each noun must be preceded by a classifier telling what category it belongs to.
The question which we would submit which has arisen here is how is classification to take place where the classifier is faced with goods which appear to be physically identical.
Language is a classifier without which we feel lost, said Golay.
the English negative classifier ‘un-’
On the other hand, a nonlinear classifier might give a better classification result even though extra caution needs to be exercised to avoid overfitting data with superfluous biomarkers.
One Swiss study examined the question of whether chronic course is a desirable classifier in the diagnostic system of mood disorders.
Then new slides were prepared from the same blood cultures and counted twice by image analysis, employing classifiers A and B, respectively.