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classified / секретный, классифицированный, систематизированный
имя прилагательное
secret, classified, confidential, undercover, subterranean, backroom
classified, ranked, assorted
systematized, systemized, classified, organic
имя прилагательное
arranged in classes or categories.
a classified catalog of books
имя существительное
small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized in categories.
Here's an example: The general merchandise categories of newspaper classifieds are among the most threatened.
arrange (a group of people or things) in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics.
mountain peaks are classified according to their shape
For days, he'd eagerly read each and every classified ad in the newspaper, and he'd already applied for several jobs.
In addition to the individual entries there are many valuable aids: a classified list of contents, glossary, chronology, maps, genealogies, a guide to further reading and an index.
Worrying about employment gave Patrick a headache, and he dismissed the thoughts, telling himself that he would read the classified ads in the newspaper later.
Administrative personnel providing unauthorised access to classified information or enabling its dissemination will face three years in prison or community service.
We suggest to our customers that they use our ads, for instance, in conjunction with a local classified ad in their newspaper.
Here's how: find one or two fellow car enthusiasts, either people you trust, or people you can find from a taking out a small classified ad in a newspaper.
Yet in principle, the freedom to access information is not intended to allow people to access classified information.
You could use classified ads in local newspapers and on the Internet - many of these are also free.
They admitted a ‘technical glitch’ caused two North Yorkshire towns to be missed out of the new classified section of the phone book.
The catch is that they can only call the numbers listed in the business and classified pages of the new phone book.