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classicist / классицист
имя существительное
a person who studies Classics (ancient Greek and Latin).
Even writers who wanted to be thought of as classicists usually needed a Latin crib to help them through Greek poetry in this period.
a follower of classicism in the arts.
He uses an architectural framework, as classicists do, to anchor the contents of the picture to the given horizontal and vertical of the support.
In another era, he would have been a strict classicist ; as a young man in the early years of the twentieth century, he found his characteristic imagery in the logic of industrial America - its machine dreams.
It is a classicist revenge drama that takes its time in becoming one, and is richer as a result.
He thought of himself as ‘a classicist structurally, a romantic emotionally and a modernist harmonically’.
Educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham, he began as a classicist , was a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and then professor of Greek at Sydney.
Keats laced his finest poetry with mythological allusions, as did the great German classicist and translator of Sophocles, Hölderlin.
But she did ask that we not describe her as a classicist (she studied classics) but now works in another field.
At the core a classicist , albeit with modernist leanings, he has not abandoned tradition but given the Toronto-based company a fresh image - youthful, creative and adventurous.
Ibsen would be a classicist , a romantic, a Scribean, a realist, a symbolist, not to mention a Hegelian and a feminist, before he would be an apocalyptic.
This seems entirely fitting for a composer who has often been content to embrace classicist formal integration and resist modernist formal fragmentation.
The commission was clearly a turning point, representing a state of architectural flux; a decade later and he was a fully converted classicist in terms of both his funerary and domestic architecture.