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classicism / классицизм, изучение классических языков, греческая идиома
имя существительное
изучение классических языков
греческая идиома
имя существительное
the following of ancient Greek or Roman principles and style in art and literature, generally associated with harmony, restraint, and adherence to recognized standards of form and craftsmanship, especially from the Renaissance to the 18th century.
Principles typically associated with classicism include order, proportion, balance, harmony, decorum, avoidance of excess.
Projecting onto Homeric poetry the aesthetic principles of classicism , she wanted its perfection of form and content always to be emphasized.
Increased consciousness of empire and respect for the clarity of French classicism had much to do with this change.
he would never substitute arid classicism for personal taste and character
In spite of postmodernism's loosening of the modernist canon, the stigma against classicism remains robust.
In this fertile period he has embraced aspects of classicism , formalism, surrealism and most obviously, postmodernism.
A stickler for classicism , he follows the traditional style in composing ghazals.
The classicism associated with Indian spin is clearly a post-war phenomenon.
If this is classicism, it's classicism at its highest artistic point of subtlety and complexity.
This last consideration is too often forgotten in the tiresomely polarised debate about modernism and classicism which continues to rage.
This involved a step from classicism towards romanticism - which was also a shift from civilisation towards barbarism.