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classical / классический, гуманитарный
имя прилагательное
classical, classic, straight, attic
humanitarian, humane, liberal, classical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to ancient Greek or Latin literature, art, or culture.
classical mythology
(typically of a form of art) regarded as representing an exemplary standard; traditional and long-established in form or style.
a classical ballet
of or relating to the first significant period of an area of study.
classical mechanics
However, there were other Church Fathers who defended the value of studying classical literature and philosophy.
His classicism is evident not only in his frequent quotations from classical literature, but often in his style.
The irony is that the official programme is not particularly elitist, either in terms of classical art forms or cutting-edge postmodernism.
The album merges sounds and influences from East and West, and stretches the boundaries of musical experimentation by fusing traditional folk songs and classical styles with the popular.
Feasting can be either an inclusive or an exclusive activity, as we know from many sources from classical antiquity and modern ethnography.
This approach captures the essence of the classical liberal tradition concerning the rule of law and individualism, while avoiding some of its own ambiguities.
The beauty center also provides foot massage and traditional Thai massage in a classical style of atmosphere.
18th century artists and theorists were in a position to take a new look at classical art.
Like all his contemporaries, Hawking was brought up, as a scientist, on the classical ideas of Newton and on relativity theory and quantum physics in their original forms.
Newton's Law of Gravitation was the beginning of classical field theory.