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clasp / застежка, зажим, пряжка
имя существительное
clasp, fastener, snap, hasp, morse
clamp, clip, jaw, grip, clasp, lock
buckle, clasp, ouch, barrette
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, clasp
fasten, zip up, hook, clasp
hug, embrace, cuddle, enfold, oxter, clasp
имя существительное
a device with interlocking parts used for fastening things together.
a handbag with a golden clasp
an embrace.
They were so close their bodies were touching, embraced in a clasp .
grasp (something) tightly with one's hand.
he clasped her arm
fasten (something) with a small device, typically a metal one.
one modest emerald clasped her robe
They were so close their bodies were touching, embraced in a clasp .
What is the carefully mussed actor trying to work out exactly, sulking from exotic blonde embrace to manly clasp ?
One of my favorite albums, just barely held together with a gold clasp , is no bigger than my palm.
He slid his hand down her arm until he could clasp her hand.
She grasped his hand in a firm clasp , and he was surprised to find hard calluses on her palm, like those gained off hard work with ship and sword.
His own fear, however, clutched at his gut, seizing him with its iron clasp .
At each shoulder was a silver clasp in the shape of a star.
For a shorter necklace, you may attach a clasp at the top of the necklace.
a gold bracelet with a turquoise clasp
I have no doubt that all of us were responding to an atavistic impulse to clasp someone when we felt threatened.