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clash / столкновение, конфликт, лязг
имя существительное
collision, clash, encounter, conflict, impact, impingement
conflict, clash, tangle
clang, clank, clash, chunking, ding-dong
face, encounter, collide, clash, interfere, impinge
diverge, disperse, break, break up, separate, clash
имя существительное
a violent confrontation.
there have been minor clashes with security forces
a mismatch of colors.
a clash of tweeds and a striped shirt
a loud jarring sound made by or resembling that made by metal objects being struck together.
a clash of cymbals
meet and come into violent conflict.
protesters demanding self-rule clashed with police
(of colors) appear discordant or ugly when placed close to each other.
suits in clashing colors
strike (cymbals) together, producing a loud discordant sound.
The sound of there swords clashing together seemed to echo.
Due to a clash of dates the benefit social in aid of the M.S. Therapy Centre due to be held in Kennedy's this Saturday night has been postponed.
And on Friday there's going to be a clash of these two different ideals.
The power struggle at centres around a personality clash between him and the man who has become the most important figure behind the scenes.
I could colour it orange instead, but it would clash , and I think I would rather go to bed.
This year for our 56th Annual School and Juvenile Sports we had earmarked a late June date but a clash with a big concert ruled it out.
Shouts came from nearby and the clash of metal was evident.
I very much hope that a clash of civilisations can be avoided - there's nothing inevitable about it.
Without another thought, they spurred their horses forward as shouts erupted in the air and there was the clash of metal against metal.
From above, muffled cries of chaos could be distinguished, among the clash of weaponry.
Due to a date clash , they were all riding at the Maxxis British Solo Motocross Championship in Northern Ireland.