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clarity / ясность, четкость, прозрачность
имя существительное
clarity, clearness, lucidity, serenity, explicitness, definition
definition, clarity, precision, legibility, preciseness, neatness
transparency, clarity, transparence, transmittance, lucidity, limpidity
имя существительное
the quality of being clear, in particular.
I found the image quality excellent; with a degree of sharpness and clarity I did not expect from a film of this age.
it was clarity of purpose that he needed
What is lost in the translation to the small screen is compensated for in the sharpness and clarity of the DVD images.
We need now the same clarity of vision for our country.
The image has brilliant clarity , with just the right amount of film grain.
While a voice can be heard with intimate clarity , the space ‘sounds’ every bit as large as it actually is.
White represents the transcendental feeling of purity and clarity .
You have a great way with words, and a true clarity on the issue at hand.
The letter before action set out the facts and law with admirable clarity .
For the sake of clarity , it is worth pointing out that where a lead of a plain suit has been trumped by the second player to a trick and the third to play also has no cards in the suit led, then the third player must still overtrump if possible.