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clarion / громкий, чистый
имя прилагательное
loud, big, strong, clarion, ringing, sounding
clean, pure, net, clear, unadulterated, clarion
имя существительное
bugle, clarion
call, appeal, plea, exhortation, draft, clarion
horn, bottle, bugle, shoehorn, nursing bottle, clarion
имя прилагательное
loud and clear.
clarion trumpeters
имя существительное
a shrill, narrow-tubed war trumpet.
They talk, shout, create ‘the warlike sound / Of trumpets loud and clarions … Sonorous metal blowing martial sounds ’.
In the solo arias in the first and third acts, Pavarotti rang out the high notes with that clarion sonority that is unmistakably his.
The clarion trumpet playing was particularly outstanding.
Then, too, the ideal voice for this heroic part needs the sort of declamatory clarion brilliance that the Italians call 'squillo'.
His alto sound is not, thankfully for the balance, of the clarion variety and he, of all the soloists, looked and sounded most involved in the work.
His clarion tone and beautiful phrasing were a model of superb instrumental control and mastery.
This is the clarion call for a universal and publicly-funded system of social provision and essential services, of which post-secondary education is one.
They spoke on behalf of millions of child labourers in India and gave a clarion call to all countries for eliminating poverty and ensuring education to all irrespective of age and gender.
So far, his clarion call hasn't entirely fallen on deaf ears.
Public opposition to a conflict remains strong and a clarion call has gone out from anti-war organisations across the world to stage protests from the first day of war.
It should be emphasised that this clarion call comes after many months when the European Central Bank has been preparing the ground for an increase in interest rates.