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clarification / прояснение, пояснение, осветление
имя существительное
clearing, clarification
clarification, illustration
clarification, defecation
имя существительное
the action of making a statement or situation less confused and more comprehensible.
please advise us if you require further clarification
On your June 27 issue, I would like to make a clarification .
Here is clarification about the Smithsonian Institute Summer Internships for 2007.
I am of the view that Alberta's addition of the word "are" was to provide grammatical clarification .
I seek a point of clarification on that ruling, Mr Assistant Speaker.
Let me, in fairness to Tom Ridge, read the clarification he later released.
I would like to add some clarification of my own.
Either way, we look forward to its anticipated clarification later today.
Further clarification is provided by other sources ignored by Sweeney.
And, of course, a mention of the clarification in his regular column wouldn't hurt, either.
Counsel took him through selected passages in the notebooks, asking for further clarification .