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claret / кларет, красное вино, кровь
имя существительное
красное вино
red wine, claret, ruby
blood, gore, lifeblood, claret, sap
имя существительное
a red wine from Bordeaux, or wine of a similar character made elsewhere.
His cellar in Glasgow is still filled with clarets , Champagnes, white Burgundies and Gaja Barbarescos, most of them bought in London.
Tie them in a variety of colours: especially red, orange, claret and shades of these.
Supper is going to be good and Tom has opened the most gorgeous bottle of claret which, I suspect, is older than either of us.
The most useful colours are black, red, claret , olive and shades of these basic colours.
He was in a pea-green suit, she in a claret gown.
‘They can wear rich, jewel-like colours such as claret , emerald or very, very deep creams,’ she advises.
Accountants reckon that while most of us know the price of turbot or fillet steak, few of us know the price of an obscure Bordeaux claret .
She sported a sophisticated attire of a white midriff top, violet vest, and short purple skirt with matching claret boots.
The training ground has been repainted, the traditional claret replaced with brighter and more cheerful colours.
Although pupils at Belle Vue Boys school used to wear claret and amber uniforms, they are not the civic colours of Manningham or Bradford.
Floral tributes - from a single white rose to huge bouquets of mixed blooms - left the memorial covered with a carpet of the club's colours of claret and amber as flowers, shirts and scarves were laid in memory of those who died.