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clapboard / доска, клепка, колотый лесоматериал для клепки
имя существительное
board, plank, table, clapboard, billboard, chipboard
колотый лесоматериал для клепки
обшивать досками
clapboard, board, fur, plank
имя существительное
a long, thin, flat piece of wood with edges horizontally overlapping in series, used to cover the outer walls of buildings.
neat clapboard houses
I step over the yard toys and around the cross-country skis to reach the front door of the clapboard house on the shore of Lake Champlain.
The 41-year-old film maker had his own confusing memories of his father's infrequent visits, mostly nocturnal, to his mother's clapboard flat in Philadelphia.
The clapboard house had caved in and surrendered to saplings and vines.
Huddled clapboard houses substitute for the raw-plank architecture of the frontier town; an industrial bridge provides background sublimity in the absence of mountains.
A lot of the clapboard on the north end of the house should be replaced.
As a result, the cottages echo the hotel's classical Georgian architecture, but vernacular details such as clapboard siding and wood porches are also evident.
In the clapboard houses radiating out from the youth center in San Jose, multiple families wedge themselves into cramped rooms and small garages.
There are no green-covered trees to shelter us from the icy north blasts, just the weathered clapboard of this rickety house.
Could he really have been on his way to join Nathaniel's mother in her clapboard house outside Philadelphia?
Tombstone, an easy day trip from Tucson, does however offer one vision of Arizona's pioneer days: clapboard and adobe buildings, and, of course, re-enacted gunfights.