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clannish / клановый, родовой, приверженный к своему роду
имя прилагательное
generic, ancestral, tribal, patrimonial, family, clannish
приверженный к своему роду
имя прилагательное
(of a group or their activities) tending to exclude others outside the group.
They are insular, cliquey and clannish .
Also from ancient times onward, the more tribal or clannish a society, the more resistant it is to change - and the more often pressures for modernizing reforms must come largely from outside or above.
Their clannish fights are the backdrop for our battles in the game.
They are insular, cliquey and clannish .
‘People are loyal,’ he says, ‘and at the same time clannish - this is my group.’
The town, with its nautical history, its foghorns, its steep bluffs and clannish folk, is quintessential Minesota.
The people tend to be traditionally clannish in the rural areas.
The natural reaction for humans is to be clannish .
By 1918, there was suspicion of German Americans and other ethnic groups who were thought to be too clannish and too attached to their Old World cultures.
Basque immigrants tended to remain clannish at first, socializing with other Basques - often from the same villages in Europe - and patronizing Basque businesses.
A decision by the often clannish management of a small firm to let in outsiders can be monumental.