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clank / лязг, звон, бряцание
имя существительное
clang, clank, clash, chunking, ding-dong
ringing, jingle, ring, clink, tinkling, clank
clank, hurtle
rattle, thunder, boom, clatter, roll, clank
tinkle, jingle, clank, chink, ting, tingle
имя существительное
a loud, sharp sound or series of sounds, typically made by pieces of metal meeting or being struck together.
the groan and clank of a winch
make or cause to make a clank.
I could hear the chain clanking
A loud clank came from outside her door and they both stopped to listen, but no other sound made it to them.
With a loud clank , Pat dumped the money into the rusted box beside him.
A small clank sounded and David looked down to see Julia rise with an old fashioned gold key.
Adrienne let go of her sword, which landed with a loud clank .
The last thing he remembered was a loud clank against his head… and then waking up in the backseat of a dingy car.
The sound of booted feet was punctuated by the occasional clank of metal and soft, guttural voices.
The talk died away gradually until the only sound was the clank of the dishes.
He heard the sounds of parts being welded and riveted together, and the clank of titanium against steel.
There was a sharp clank of silverware hitting the plate.
The clank of metal against metal filled the room.