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clangour / резкий металлический звук, лязг металлических предметов
имя существительное
резкий металлический звук
clangour, clang, clangor
лязг металлических предметов
clangor, clangour
clang, swash, snap, clangor, clangour
strum, thrum, plink, twang, clangour, clangor
To tremendous cheers and the clangour of bells they rode in on one horse, with Margaret riding pillion behind the King, escorted by two hundred knights and pausing to witness numerous pageants.
he went deaf because of the clangour of the steam hammers
The sound can be a raucous metallic clangour or it can be as soft as notes on velvet.
No two adjacent doors are ever opened at the same time and the whole building is a clangour of keys and doors, enough to rapidly induce headaches and rampant claustrophobia.
From the first chord until the last, Strauss' music is laden with tension, and while it is certainly clangorous , it can hardly be considered atonal these days.
Putting it in motion takes time and attention; do it right, and you get all kinds of clash and clangor and pretty sparks ‘His voice trails off, and his gaze is suddenly hard and keen.’
My only quibble with this recording is the slightly clangorous sound.
On the other side, you can see and hear the whole old city of Kabul, with the laughter of children, the clangor of metalsmiths, and the chanting from the Shi'ite mosque reverberating up through the clear, dry air.
In the clangor of battle I discerned the slight sound of something moving at a great velocity toward me.
The disconnect between his robust frame and sickly music mirrors the tension in the songs themselves, between quivering ephemera and hulking clangor .