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clang / лязг, звон, резкий металлический звук
имя существительное
clang, clank, clash, chunking, ding-dong
ringing, jingle, ring, clink, tinkling, clang
резкий металлический звук
clangour, clang, clangor
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tingle
clang, swash, snap, clangor, clangour
имя существительное
a loud, resonant metallic sound or series of sounds.
the steel door slammed shut with a clang
make or cause to make a clang.
she turned the faucet on and the plumbing clanged
However, their argument was abruptly ended when a loud clang reverberated around the dungeon.
With this their swords clashed with a loud clang of metal.
The boy cried out in pain, though, as a loud, metallic clang rang out in the alley.
The loud clang of metal against the hard ground echoed throughout the silent and empty basement.
He used his knife to deflect her sword and they clashed with a loud clang .
The sword fell to the ground with a loud clang which rang throughout the hallway.
The clang of metal will sound as combatants engage in sword duels.
the steel door slammed shut with a clang
A loud clang echoed through the hallway as the man dropped the padlock to the floor.
The knocker hit the door with a loud clang , and the sound reverberated in the hall behind the door.