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clandestine / тайный, скрытый, нелегальный
имя прилагательное
secret, covert, clandestine, arcane, undercover, privy
hidden, latent, covert, occult, ulterior, clandestine
illegal, clandestine, backstreet
имя прилагательное
kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.
she deserved better than these clandestine meetings
She was a clandestine officer of the CIA and she had worked undercover around the world.
But the other side of the story is of course, perhaps it is possible they were on some clandestine mission.
We watched their clandestine purchasing and procurement network very carefully.
This is particularly true of those involved in clandestine or illegal activities.
He switched on later to the lucrative clandestine trade of felling and smuggling of sandalwood trees.
Now they were ruled by silence, as if on their way to some clandestine meeting of which it was not permitted to speak.
There were clandestine meetings in a shutdown youth centre, and journeys of many miles to seek out particular preachers.
In certain details every clandestine struggle is very much the same.
So far, if the clandestine meetings had gotten any easier, it was only marginally.
Some of the longtime members began organizing clandestine meetings to discuss grievances.