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clamp / зажим, хомут, скоба
имя существительное
clamp, clip, jaw, grip, clasp, lock
clamp, yoke, collar, strap, shackle, stirrup
clamp, clip, brace, shackle, staple, strap
pinch, clamp, grip, jam, clench, clip
fasten, bind, brace, staple, bond, clamp
close, clamp, link
имя существительное
a brace, band, or clasp used for strengthening or holding things together.
Start by attaching the flexible vent from vent-connection kit to the periscope vent, using the band clamps in the kit.
fasten (something) in place with a clamp.
the sander is clamped onto the edge of a workbench
Use a straight edge and clamp the boards down to make an even, straight cut.
I clamp together the second corner with the vices.
I screamed even louder, and then I felt a hand clamp over my mouth.
They feature strong serrated jaws which clamp together when the trap is sprung.
The dolphins could also attach a clamp onto an intruding diver, which would act as a restraint device.
The lip gloss was so sticky you had to keep your mouth open all day, or else your lips would clamp together.
Maggie had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing
Another very useful tool is a laminate flooring clamp , which tightens together tongue and groove boards.
Note that at the most negative voltage the clamp becomes unstable, indicating that here the capacity is overcompensated.
The solution is to clamp a pair of straight-edge boards in place to serve as a saw guide.