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clamour / шум, крики, ропот
имя существительное
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, roar
shouting, clamor, hoot, vociferance, clamour
murmur, grumble, clamor, rumble, clamour
clamor, din, clamour
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, clamor
шумно требовать
clamor, clamour
имя существительное
a loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting vehemently.
the questions rose to a clamor
(of a group of people) shout loudly and insistently.
the surging crowds clamored for attention
Along the coast, people have crammed themselves into steep-sided stacks of apartments in the clamour for the slightest glimpse of the sea.
This is why they clamour so loudly for deregulation, in the hope of diluting the health and safety, consumer protection and environmental standards which force them to carry their own costs.
‘The clamour for early interest rate increases is unjustified and potentially dangerous, particularly for manufacturing,’ he said.
And as we know, in the clamour for rights those who can only whisper are ignored.
the questions rose to a clamour
‘I think the Prime Minister has done a fantastic job,’ he says, dismissing the growing clamour for an early succession.
Many locals also work with the international agencies, and are well off by past standards, although the clamour for more jobs in an economy with high unemployment is intense.
With many investors still smarting after the destruction of equity - based investments, there is a clamour for safer havens for longer term savings.
There has been a clamour for tax credits to help small businesses train their staff.
There will also be a desperate clamour for tickets, accommodation and buses as more than 35,000 fans from the south coast prepare to travel to the Welsh capital.