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clambake / clambake
имя существительное
an outdoor social gathering at which clams and other seafood (and often chicken, potatoes, and sweet corn) are baked or steamed, traditionally in a pit, over heated stones and under a bed of seaweed.
We went to clambakes and barbecues all over New England.
The song is a sunny and infectious number that would sound great at a school dance or a clambake .
Meanwhile, the convention soirées get under way today - there will be a clambake in Hyannis Port!
Yes, it's an old-style clambake at the Manor tonight.
She is also a regular at the post-caucus Wednesday night clambake .
Here, you can savor an authentic New England-style clambake .
And we are going to Provincetown to have a clambake .
There is a scene in the movie where Elvis is out on the beach singing ‘We're gonna have a clambake .’
The clams are then ready for a clambake , to become steamed softshell clams, or for use in certain clam chowders and clam pies.
When Cary shows up to a high-spirited clambake with Ron and his pals, she's uncomfortable and overdressed in a tight gray ensemble.
If your idea of a relaxing vacation on the coast involves bundling up for a clambake instead of palm trees and rum punch, a trip to Cape Cod is just the ticket.